Marine and industrial engineering

Worldwide services for Customer in marine and industrial fields:

*Supervision Marketing Consultancy - we can deepen into project tasks and targets,  learn risks, sequence of actions, advice best way to reach positive results. As well, take control on implementation of projects. Every project is evaluated individually, all offers will be given depending on experience in shipbuilding, ship-repair, maintenance of industrial objects.

*Major overhauls of engines - with experience on main and auxiliary engines worldwide we can offer our services overhauling of various type of medium speed engines. We are working with full range of MAN, MaK, ABC,  SKL, DEUTZ,  WARTSILA,  WERKSPOOR, WICHMANN

*Replacing of main components - crankshafts and crankcases, cylinder blocks and other.

*Overhaul of other equipment - we can perform overhaul and repair of gear box'es,  windlass'es,  water pumps.

*Maintenance jobs - on long term contract basis we can take care of your machinery, control overhaul schedules, necessary materials and spares providing all in best order to save time.

*Spare parts and equipment supply